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Common Problems with Domestic Water

To learn more about our products and services, contact us today. For over 30 years, Wet Water Industries Ltd. has been helping homeowners with their residential water treatment needs in Lacombe and surrounding areas. We look forward to serving you with everything you need.

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We custom design reverse osmosis systems and other equipment based on your specifications. Just because your water looks clear, it doesn’t mean that it is free from contaminants that can harm your health. Many municipalities add chlorine or chloramine to reduce problems caused by the contaminants. Our residential products are used in many places, including farms, acreages and other rural areas.

Some Common Water Odor Problems Are

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Hydrogen sulfide in the soil near your well can cause a rotten egg odor.

Municipal additives can cause chlorine smell.

Dissolved solids can cause a musty smell.

Industrial chemicals or pesticides can cause chemical taste and smell.

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High Iron Content

Iron in water is usually considered as a secondary contaminant, which may not have direct impact on health, but it will cause costly damages and issues. Some common signs of high iron are reddish stains on fixtures and clothing, yellow or orange tinted water, metallic taste to your water, water spots on glassware and silverware and blackish staining on fixtures and laundry. Here, we can create a custom water treatment system based on your unique needs to eliminate high iron content.
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