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Water Treatment Products in Lacombe and Surrounding Areas

Over 30 Years of Experience

Wet Water Industries Ltd. offers a wide range of water treatment products in Lacombe and surrounding areas, including filters, pumps, fittings, chemicals, UV lamps and more. We also carry a wide selection of fittings, including PVC, ABS, stainless steel, DMfit, nylon insert and more.

Custom Builds

At Wet Water Industries Ltd., we custom build water treatment systems that are tailored to your individual needs. We help you keep your family and business healthy while we keep your wallet happy as well. We also supply a vast assortment of reverse osmosis, softener and filter parts, as well as ozone system and chemical injection system parts.

Our Water Treatment Equipment

Perfect Solution for Water Treatment

We perform water analysis tests on the premises and install the perfect equipment for you. Our experienced technicians use only quality products to remove deadly chemicals and contaminants in your home or business that could result in serious health issues.

A Little More About Our Products

As a service-oriented company, we do a complete analysis of your water to determine the suitable option for you. Our skilled workers provide professional installation services of water treatment systems.

We also perform a free water test and analysis at your place in order to provide you with appropriate solutions to keep your water safe and healthy. Some of the water analysis tests performed on the premises are pH, TDS, sodium, hardness, fluoride, iron, electrical conductivity and more. There are also government-approved labs where it can be determined whether the water is potable or not. We offer:

Free no-obligation sales calls and quotes

Free service calls on rental equipment (excluding consumables)

Scale removal for lime buildup in tankless water-heating units

Multipoint system inspections

Water Use Reporting System for Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP)

Our Filters

UV Lamps

RO Membranes


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