Your Trusted Residential Water Treatment Services in Lacombe and Surrounding Areas

Your commercial building, staff and patrons deserve healthy and clean water just as your family does.

Wet Water Industries Ltd. takes pride in providing commercial water filtering solutions in Western Canada.

Water Treatment Solutions

At Wet Water Industries Ltd., we manufacture, service and repair reverse osmosis systems ranging from 40 gallons to 12,000 gallons per day. Whether there are 5 or 50 employees working at your office, we have the experience and knowledge to design a water treatment system that will best suit your workplace. Call us today, and discuss treatment options suitable for your business.

Water Treatment System Installations

We offer water treatment systems and softeners for your commercial property to help you keep your employees, visitors and guests healthy. We custom build water treatment equipment for any water issues that affect your business.

Our Objectives

Our primary goal is to maintain the highest quality standards and use up-to-date technologies in the industry. Our commercial products are used in many industries, including car washes, restaurants, schools, greenhouses and dairies. Installing water treatment equipment at your business place can help you reduce the operational costs such as

Reduce the cost of utility bills

Minimize chemical and detergent expenses

Increase the life span of your equipment

Lower labor and maintenance costs

Scale removal in equipment (e.g., dish washers, water heaters and pipes)

Commercial water treatment system

More Services

Get clean and healthy water in your home or office with a water treatment system professionally installed by our skilled technicians. Make sure to visit our other service options.

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