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Since 1991, Wet Water Industries Ltd. has been serving both residential and commercial clients in Lacombe and surrounding areas.

Do You Need Water Treatment Equipment for Your Business?
Having safe, clean water keeps your employees healthy, active and hydrated all day.
Hard Water or a Disagreeable Taste in Your Water?
We offer a complete range of products and services to get rid of such residential water problems.
Want a Custom Water Treatment Design?
Get a customized water treatment system from us to resolve the issues affecting your water.

Water Treatment Equipment in Lacombe and Surrounding Areas

Wet Water Industries Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of quality water equipment committed to making the people you care about feel good. For over 30 years, we have been one of the most trusted names for water treatment equipment and solutions in Lacombe and surrounding areas. We take pride in providing professional water purification services to homeowners and businesses.

As a service-oriented company, we aim to provide you with high-quality water treatment equipment for every application. We have the experience to give you the information, products and services that are tailored to your water treatment or purification needs. 

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Improving the Quality of Water

We are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to purify your water. We can evaluate your water requirements, suggest solutions and supply and install a system to suit your needs. Then we follow up with inspections, service and maintenance of your water treatment equipment. We are proud of our ability to service our customers with technical knowledge and support of our products. We have skilled technicians to install and maintain your water treatment system. We carry a wide range of water treatment equipment and custom design the system based on your individual needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

With over 30 years of experience, we have been serving our residential and commercial clients in Lacombe and surrounding areas. We do a complete analysis of your water and determine the best option for you. We also manufacture our own reverse osmosis systems that can be installed as a simple solution for water treatment. Our technicians also provide a wide variety of services:

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Ozone Systems

Residential Water Systems

UV Sterilization Systems

Salt Brining Softeners

Commerical Water Systems

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